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"Da Boyz"
Spirit, Vengie, Master and Major all blue ribbon winners in the 2004 Futurity.
Master and Spirit are still offered for Sale. People=Spirit with Kim Lewis, Vengie with Diana Suarze, Master with Dodi Speece, and Major with Jim Speece.

The Tennessee Walking Horse industry advertises the "Walker" as the "ride of your life" and they are right.  They also say "ride one today and you will own one tomorrow".  

The Walker has a docile temperament and is willing to learn. They are considered a warm breed, which means they have a lot of spirit, yet are easy to control.

~ ~ SOLD ~ ~ 

They can do a running walk as fast as most horses trot and some as fast as others lope; while the rider rides in comfort.  We will ride ours for 15 to 20 miles on a trail ride and neither the horses nor us will be overly tired.

Read about an exceptional 'Long Rider, Gene Glasscock'.

The pictures below are of one of our  foals out of Hal's Lady Threat and by Gen's Armed and Dangerous.

Warrior is another of our foals by Bum's Warrior out of Peddler's Belle.  

We became interested in breeding Tennessee Walking horses several years ago.  We now have a barn full of show ring competitors, with more potential show horses on the way.

We strive to match our mares to the top bloodline stallions to obtain a talented, natural walking foal.

McDodi Farms mares, enjoying the summer.

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