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Tribute to a great horse.

Jackie John's Envy, aka JJ, wasn't a show horse, he was much more. I always felt that he could have been a show horse, but only tested that thought one time and he did well as a versatility horse, but his worth was as a friend, companion, therapist, and babysitter. I bought JJ when he was not quite 5, and we bonded immediately. I had helped pick him out for a
friend, but she didn't get along with him and returned him to the seller. When I heard that he was again for sale I went to look at him again and bought the beautiful chestnut. He always brought comments about his looks when we were trail riding, and was a great ambassador for the breed. He could do a running walk as fast as most non-gaited horses could canter.

He took many a child on their first ride on a horse. He was a sophisticated clown as one trainer put it about him. JJ would do anything for a peppermint, and a watermelon would send him drooling! His trainer told me he had taught him to bow, but you couldn't prove it by me, but he would take care of me and that is what counted. On a trail ride, he always
knew where the trailer was and many a time led a lost group of trail riders to the home camp. We would take rides out in the pasture and talk about the days problems and delights. I could relax on him and know he would not do anything to hurt me. At 15, JJ started getting overweight and a crested neck. He had the onset of Cushings disease. In my research on it, I found that he could have beet pulp soaked in water and hay. We controlled his weight and Cushings with this combination for 8 years.

On Sept 30, JJ had a seizure and fell down. We worked with my old friend for 3 days to help him stand and keep him going. We checked on him every 15 minutes day and night, got him to his feet in the middle of the night. We had him in a sling the first day to get him up. Then on Oct 2, we realized that he could not get up and that something else was wrong with him. The vet thought that he may have broken a bone in his hip and could not move that leg. We had him put to sleep.

JJ touched many lives, gave first rides to many people, was a wonderful lesson horse in his later years, and my best friend for his entire time with me. He was truly a great horse!

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