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Ground breaking for the new barn.

Currently, we are building a new barn!  Below is just  a rough drawing. When I first drew it up, the barn was going to be 50 feet from the existing barn as we were trying to save a tree, but it would be not be cost effective for that space, so we moved it to 12 feet from the existing barn with a covered walk way.  

Click on the thumbnail to load enlargement.

The roof is on, the skylights are going in, the vents will be in soon.  It is coming along by great strides now!  The builder is shooting towards getting an average of 2 stalls built a day.  The water is in, but the electricity probably won't be in till after the first of July. 

The builder finally has the front of one stall built to show me what it will be like.  It is as close to my drawing as he could get it. He does not have the door made yet, but they will be starting on the rest of the stalls tomorrow. 
The next picture is taken from the middle of the barn looking out, then the last picture is from the mare pen looking at the barn yesterday before the got the rest of the roof finished.

By June of 2004 we will have a 35 stall well lit barn, with indoor riding, 35 acres of woods to explore, and a trail obstacle course set up and ready to play with.  We will accept a limited number of full care boarded horses.

We have our beautiful new training/boarding barn finished, along with indoor riding and a state of the art arena down the road from the barn and 35 acres of woods to ride.

Fun in the new barn

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