Below is a selection of books, tapes and artwork that deals with the care, training and breeding of riding horses.  Wherever possible, we have included everything we could find about Tennessee Walking Horses.  If you know of a publication that we are missing, please let us know, and we will try to locate it. 


cover cover cover cover cover
From Birth to Backing: Give Your Young Horse A Head start The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses Basic Training of the Young Horse Making, Not Breaking:  The First Year Under Saddle
by Cherry Hill
Training the Two-Year-Old Colt
cover cover cover cover
Conditioning to Win Feeding 
to Win II
Beyond the Mirrors : The Study of the Mental and Spiritual Aspects of Horsemanship Clicker Training for Your Horse Horses 
Never Lie : 
The Heart of Passive Leadership
cover cover cover cover cover
Cross-Train Your Horse : Simple Dressage for Every Horse, Every Sport/Book 1
by Jane Savoie, Lynn Palm Pittion-Rossillon
Common Sense Dressage Go the Distance : The Complete Resource for Endurance Riders
by Nancy S., Dvm. Loving
Imprint Training of the 
Newborn Foal
The Man Who Listens to Horses
by Monty Roberts
More Cross-Training : Build a Better Athlete With Dressage by Jane Savoie, Anne Kursinski
Think Harmony With Horses : An In-Depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship  by Ray Hunt
cover cover cover cover cover
Make Money With Horses
You Can Do It
The Complete Guide to Horse Careers Legal Forms, Contracts, and Advice for Horse Owners Horse Tradin'
by Ben Green  
Some More Horse Tradin'
by Ben Green
  cover cover cover  
Investing in Thoroughbreds Understanding Equine Law  
by  Milton C. Toby, Ph.D., Karen L. Perch
Horse and Stable Management Incorporating Horse Care

How to Make Money in the Tennessee Walking Horse Business  by Kevin C. Kennedy

Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business  by Mary Ashby McDonald

Horse Operations Business Plan
Business Planner & Bookkeeper for the Horse Enterprise
Mister, You Got Yourself a Horse : Tales of Old-Time Horse Trading by Roger L. Welsch
Equine Law & Horse Sense
cover cover cover cover cover
Changing Times Living With Horsepower! : Personally Empowering Life Lessons Learned from the Horse Winning With Horsepower! : Achieving Personal Success Through Horses The Magic of Horses : Horses As Healers Horse Sense and the Human Heart : What Horses Can Teach Us About Trust, Bonding, Creativity and Spirituality
cover cover cover cover
Night Ride Home The Lady Ride a Dark Horse In the Presence of Horses She Flies Without Wings : How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul
by Mary D. Midkiff
Wild Ride/the Rise and Tragic Fall of Calumet Farm Inc.
America's Premiere Racing Dynasty
by Ann Hagedorn Auerbach
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